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Sailing the seas!

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The Angel and The Elizabeth: Southampton's part in the Armada & Counter-Armada

Looking at the many books written on the Spanish Armada few give much mention to Southampton and often The Angel is not mentioned at all even though it went on to play such a crucial role in the defeat of the armada. This is surprising as it is so well documented in Southampton's records. The town was asked to supply two ships for the Queen's war effort, but pleading poverty produced just one, The Angel, details of all the equipment loaded onto the ship are all carefully recorded in the mayor's account book. Lawrence Prowse was appointed Captain. It must have caused him some grief when his ship was chosen to be used as a fireship during the height of the battle against the Armada. However it is even recorded the compensation paid by Queen Elizabeth following the loss of the ship. Prowse got his revenge a few years later when he captained The Elizabeth in a successful attack on the town of Cadiz that made several Southampton men very, very rich.