Crowds waving off the liner


Crowds waving off the liner's maiden voyage.

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Titanic The Southampton Story

My first play about the Titanic was a perambulation performance for the 90th anniversary in 2002. It was not a topic that had greatly interested me in the past but after the James Cameron film I felt that there was a growing interest from the public and that I wanted to give some focus to the stories of the crew and their families. The play was very popular and was later adapted for a theatre presentation and a supper theatre. After finding out that I had had three family members on the crew I decided to revisit the topic again for the centenary commemorations.
In 2012 the play performed by the theatre company I founded [The Sarah Siddons Fan Club] has been presented to an American audience taken around in a bus, as a supper theatre and as a perambulation. Photos and interviews were flashed around the world - Australia, Russia, South America, India, Canada, The United States, Poland, France......

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