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Inside the Diaper Heritage publication.

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Close up of the publication.

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The Diaper Heritage Association

In 2006 The Diaper Heritage Association was formed as a vehicle for the study of the history of Itchen Ferry Village and in particular one of the founding families, The Diapers. As well as staging a major exhibition in Southampton in 2006/7 we also ran an oral history project. This involved the recording of the oral testimonies and life story interviews from thirty participants, totalling around sixty hours of reminiscences mainly covering the period from the 1920s to the 1960s. To complement the interviews which were lodged in Southampton's archives extracts from the testimonies were edited into an illustrated book called "We only wore shoes on a Sunday", Oral Testimonies from Itchen, Ferry, Southampton.

As editor it was a huge task to give a flavour of the social and historical context of life in a small riverside community, a story that was in danger of being lost and forgotten following the devastation wreaked on the village during the Blitz. The book is divided into chapters looking at village life, schooling, life on the water, work and war. Published in 2007 it is available from the Diaper Heritage Association with the proceeds supporting the on-going work of the association.

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